This page summarizes my research projects and breaks them into categories. See the Publications tab to see only my published work (including both peer-reviewed articles, and interviews with leading economists and cognitive scientists).

  1. A Dual Process Evaluability Framework for decision anomalies (with R. Coulter).

    Journal of Economic Psychology, 51, 183-198. [Link]

  2. Cognitive Reflection and Decision Quality (with D. Porter).

    Data Collection Complete; Draft in progress

  3. Optimizing Choice Architectures (with C. Deck, M. Shor, T. Besedes, and S. Sarangi).

    Data Collection Complete; Draft in progress

  4. Is There a Neural Basis for the Zero-Price Effect? The Neuroeconomics of FREE! (with M. Shor and T. Besedes).

    fMRI Data Collection in progress

  1. Target Adjusted Utility Functions and Expected Utility Paradoxes (with R. Day).

    Management Science, Accepted

  2. Risk Aversion and Loss Aversion in Core Selecting Auctions (with R. Day and R. Garfinkel).

    Decision Support Systems, 79, 161-170 [Link]

  3. The Allais Common Ratio Effect in Choice, Pricing and Happiness Tasks (with M. Shor).

    Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Second round review

  4. Stability of Risk Preferences across frames (with J. Leland and N. Wilcox).

    Data Collection Complete; Data analysis in progress

  5. Frame Dependent Utility Theory (INFORMS Decision Analysis Society Student Paper Award)

    Working paper

  1. A Simple Mean-Dispersion Model of Ambiguity Attitudes (with M. Nunez).

    Journal of Mathematical Economics, 58, 25-31 [Link]

  2. Salience, Framing, and Decision under Risk, Uncertainty, and Time (with J. Leland)

    Working paper

  3. Ambiguity Framed (with J. Leland and N. Wilcox)

    Working paper [Link]

  1. Reference-dependence, Cooperation, and Coordination in Games (with J. Leland).

    Judgement and Decision Making, 10, 123-129 [Link]

  2. Salience and Stragecy Choice in 2x2 Games (with J. Leland).

    Games, 6, 521-559 [Link]